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Mr. Sachin Manchanda is a remarkable leader and a visionary who has been at the helm of many successful businesses and humanitarian works for more than 3 decades. He is a successful entrepreneur and a selfless philanthropist who came from humble beginnings.

Mr. Sachin Manchanda developed his unwavering work ethic and a strong sense of community from growing up in a lower-middle class family. As an influential and responsible citizen, he has made it his moral responsibility to serve the underprivileged and play his role in creating a sustainable environment. He has made a significant influence in the lives of many through his philanthropic activities and continues to make a positive impact by addressing complicated regional and national concerns.

Sachin Manchanda has made his name as a prominent social reformer. He works relentlessly to support the voiceless and underprivileged. It has been his mission to combat the injustices that plagues our society. Through dedication and hard work, he has helped develop a voice for the underprivileged sect in society. His extraordinary work has paved the way for the development of a just and equitable society.

Mr. Manchanda has not only left an impression as a social warrior but also as a skillful entrepreneur

Mr. Sachin Manchanda is the visionary behind many successful businesses — Technology, Real Estate, Venture Capital and Digital Marketing to name a few sectors. Solis Technology embodies innovation and efficiency for all technological solutions. Through ground-breaking research comes inspiring solutions that aim to revolutionize the Tech industry. Digital Polaris is a data-driven Digital Marketing Consultancy that leverages the latest digital-technological tools, trends, insights and practices to connect businesses with their target audience.

Solis Realty moves away from the Tech industry into the real world of brick and mortar. It is a construction firm that builds strong foundations for a growing India. Solis Realty builds contemporary buildings that combine aesthetics and functionality resulting in classic architecture. They are breaking records and setting new standards for precision planning and craftsmanship.



Digital Marketing

Real Estate

Venture Capital

Mr. Sachin Manchanda believes in sharing knowledge to grow together. That is how he built his real estate consultancy — Assets Galleria. The seasoned professionals at Assets Galleria provide experienced industry advice based on comprehensive market research for investors to optimize their profits.

Mr. Sachin’s entrepreneurial endeavours are not limited to just those mentioned above. Add to this list, Solis Capital & Ventures which is his venture capital firm. Through this, Mr. Sachin provides monetary support to emerging startups and needy firms while also offering them competitive resources and consultants.

Community Service

The Sachin Manchanda Foundation is the culmination of all his social aspirations. Through his foundation, he aims to bring social and environmental transformation and economic upliftment. The motto of this NGO is to transform lives through empowering underprivileged communities. Activities of the foundation are tailored with careful foresight to bring about a positive change. Sachin Manchanda Foundation is engaged in various initiatives that are aimed at uplifting communities as well as strengthening sustainable development.

From organising regular food drives to facilitating access to essential healthcare services for those in need, Sachin Manchanda Foundation leaves a long-lasting impact. Along with eradicating social injustices, Mr. Manchanda is deeply concerned with preserving our nation’s natural wealth. His dedication to environmental conservation is reflected in the extensive tree plantation efforts.

The community waste management programs of Sachin Manchanda Foundation promotes cleanliness and hygiene. These programs are aimed at developing community responsibility and environmental stewardship. Through these multifaceted endeavours and more, the Sachin Manchanda Foundation continues to exemplify the power of collective action in creating a brighter, more inclusive future for all.

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An entrepreneur who envisions possibilities, a philanthropist who embraces compassion, and a humanitarian who tirelessly serves others..

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